Biggest piece yet!

I’ve just started this piece, its going to be over 1000 tiles! Thought I’d give you all a wee preview of it so far, can anyone guess what its going to be?




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Created 10th of December 2011.

Made this as a present for my mum, I know its pretty cheesy but couldn’t think of anything else to do. Pretty happy with how it turned out, its not that big so didn’t take that long either.


Possibility for next piece

I’m wanting to go bigger for my next piece and I think this could be the one:

I’m also thinking that eventually I could do like a scene from the original mario game with bowser, mario, goombas and koopas. It would be massive but think it would look pretty awesome. If anyone has got any requests let me know.

Duck Hunt

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Created 26th of October 2011

This has been my biggest piece by far, 961 tiles all together. I drew up the design, then counted the tiles I needed. I then figured out the size of the backboard and the bits of wood that would make up the frame. I went to a hardware shop and got the pieces I needed and used some no more nails to attach the left side and the bottom piece of frame to the backboard. I used this as a guide to try and keep the tiles in line as I worked up the board line by line. Once I finished the last line I positioned the top piece and the right side of the frame and glued them into place. It probably took about 12 hours all together to complete this and I think I’ll start doing all my pieces like this as they look a lot better in a frame.


Created 30th October 2011

Thought it was about time I made Mario’s buddy, Luigi. I think it turned out well, the skin colour is a bit off but it was the closest I had. All the tiles are really tight and in straight lines, tell me what you think.